Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Queen of Multitasking

Some time ago a friend of mine on The Muses' Muse told me in a PM that she was the Queen of Multitasking.  I know a good title when I hear one.  I asked permission to steal it.

I wanted to write something quirky, Christine Lavin-ish.   I came up with a really baroque rhyme scheme:   ABACBCDE FGFHGHDE.

Yes it works.  And yes, I managed to hit the rhymes three verses running.    

I tried to interest some folkie types to work on the song but it never got off the ground.  Eventually I got a nagging tune in my head for it.

Now, I'm not the most accomplished musician, but I struggled to put together a melody and chord chart, with some help from Jim Chapman.    I hired Darryl Gregory at Blue Cave Studios to record it, with a female vocalist (Lisa Murray).

So....it's up on the website now.    Enjoy "Queen of Multitasking".

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