Friday, September 11, 2015

I Shall Be Released

Long lapse in blogging but small seeds, planted long ago, and close to sprouting. The wonderful Jen Foster is back, after taking a year or so off to recharge, and she is releasing all her Los Angeles recordings from the last few years. She ran a successful PledgeMusic campaign and the CDs will be out later this year. Including "Parentheses" with my lyrics. Also, Michael Ronstadt, the insanely gifted cello player and all-around musician, is putting the finishing touches on five "art songs" we wrote. We will release these songs as a digital EP (working title is "Quiet Revels") -- also in the coming months. And Rick Denzien might be releasing a CD with "Green Sky" on it. So watch this space and I'll have more to say when the songs are available to you!