Saturday, January 9, 2010

Catching Up, Turning the Corner...

Writer’s block is a funny thing. When one is not writing any songs, one seems to not write any blog posts as well. But writing about writer’s block is as self-indulgent as it gets, and as about exciting as watching wallpaper peel (see, for instance, the film BARTON FINK, about a writer with writer’s block, in which the Coen brothers actually make you watch the wallpaper peel…..)

But after a long empty winter, it’s 2010, and time to get moving again.

There have been a few musical highlights over the last few months, including:

Attending the EPNSAI’s (Eastern Pennsylvania chapter of the NSAI) annual Christmas celebration

Having The Lyra Project in my home after a party, performing songs for some of our friends

Writing my first decent draft lyric in a few months at the comfortable and raffish Mojo 13 in Delaware

Seeing Christie Lenée perform at Seven Stones tonight in Media, watching her play the guitar like it was a harp, a banjo and an otherworldly zither

I think my biorhythms have been cycling low for long enough. I’m ready for a new decade……