Friday, May 30, 2008

Santa, Santa

Years ago, before I declared myself a lyricist, but felt like scribbling some things, I wrote a joke-and-pun-laden Santa song. I recalled the famous song "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," which ended with the sweet revelation that Santa Claus was really Daddy groping Mommy on the sofa.

I idly wondered if the reaction would have been similarly benign if it wasn't Mommy but one's girlfriend instead. So from just the title, "I Saw My Girlfriend Kissing Santa Claus" I whipped up a whole story with cascading choruses.

My friend Brian at the time was half of a folk-singer duo, and I persuaded him, as a lark, to set the song to music. We performed it at a couple of cabaret evenings.

Brian is on a break from music, to concentrate on his career as high-end woodworker, and his love of theatre (among other things), so we never got around to making a decent recording.
Years go by and I finally go to a small studio (with Brian's permission) and get it done. With the help of Darryl Gregory of Blue Cave Studios, we have The Santa, Santa song...


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