Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rumplestiltzkin: Dead at 95

I've just posted the last of the current crop of demos. The song is Rumplestiltzkin: Dead at 95.

There's a Creativity Board at The Muses' Muse, and a thread where people write quick rhymes in response to proposed titles. One friend tried to stump everyone with this title. I quickly reviewed the story (maiden tries to save her father from king's anger by saying she can spin straw into gold, she promises her first born son to Rumplestiltzkin for the talent, the king marries her, she has a son and tricks Rumplestiltzkin by discovering his name).

So I wondered what happened to the characters over the last 30-40 years (assuming this is version of the story where Rumplestiltzkin leaves and doesn't die right away). The infant has grown up, the woman has been queen for was an opportunity to ask the question why did Rumplestiltzkin want that child so much.

It's not the smoothest of lyrics, but this is probably one of the most compact and perfect bridges I've ever written, and it makes the song work, I think.

I wrote out a melody and chords, and this is the third of the Blue Cave Studio demos, also with vocal by Lisa Gregory, and guitar by Darryl Gregory.

Everyone dies with several regrets...

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