Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Website fixed

I noticed as early as a year ago that my website programming was out of date. I did it all myself in PHP 5 and was pretty proud of myself for learning the coding and getting the SQL to work. But somewhere along the line HTML got improved and redone so it would work on Droids and iPhones, and was not keeping up with the times. You could see my website on your phone, but the songs wouldn't play.

Lethargy set in and I ignored it for a long time but I think I finally got it fixed. Not pretty, but I used the basic unfairly code for the HTML 5 MP3 player. If you go to the Songs page, the pop-up "Listen" icon should bring up the song, and if you go to the song's page, the player should work.

It should work on phones and iPads and other tablets. I hope.

The "Jukebox" button does *not* work…I have to figure out how to embed a playlist and get that working as well.