Monday, September 29, 2008

The Man From Kazakhstan

Sorry for the radio silence, but there wasn't much songwriting news -- or even musing -- from Paris. I'm back now but am already preparing to head out again for a couple of days in Nashville next week. I was hoping to go later in the year, but my co-Grand-Prize Winner, Eduard Glumov, is in Nashville until mid-next-week.

Eduard makes his living off of music, and winning the ISC has changed his life. He has been running from meeting to meeting in Nashville, as well as getting some studio demos done (the new version of "I'm Not Your Friend" can be heard on his website).

It's odd, but he and I have only spoken on the phone twice, and have never met. All of our communication and co-writing has been via e-mail.

So I'll meet him early next week, and hopefully we'll spend a little songwriting time together. But he's got career things to do, and I'll be looking for other contacts as well. I expect to drop by NSAI, and go to Writers' Night at the Bluebird Cafe to meet some local writers.

Nashville is the one place where, more than anwhere else, writers are given their due, singers get their material from publishers who get songs from writers, and co-writing is not a foreign concept.

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