Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Runner Up

I just got word from the Song of the Year contest that both "Out in the Cold" (Adult Contemporary) and "Vinyl" (Rock) scored highly enough to be runners-up in the May 2008 competition.

Obviously, one hopes for higher, but it's nice to know that the judges liked the songs and gave them high marks.

There are ten categories in the SOTY contest, and there is a monthly winner (and four finalists).   After that, any song that is scored highly, regardless of category, is a runner-up, and there were 64 named for May.  (It's conceivable that a runner-up, entered in one category, could get a higher score than the winner of another category, depending on the competition, we'll never know).   I don't know how many entries there were, or how many in each category, unfortunately.

Congratulations go out to Ron Tintner ("Vinyl") and Anthony J. Spinella ("Out in the Cold") my co-writers.   The runners-up page only lists me, since I entered the songs -- I'm trying to get the SOTY folk to add my co-writers to the list.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on runner up. I am checking out your blog, after being absent for a bit, you've been busy!